YOO Cumbaya is a project surrounded by green spaces and big squares. This lifestyle concept involves the combination of comfort, design and functionality.

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“You are in the sky. You are in the forest. You are in the center of life”

-Philippe Starck, about YOO Cumbaya

Philippe Starck talks about his first project in Ecuador:
YOO Cumbaya

YOO Cumbaya is surrounded by green spaces and big squares, offering a lifestyle which is in line with the nature that surrounds it. It is located strategically within the best residential area of the Cumbaya Valley and the ethos of YOO Cumbaya is simple – to offer its residents a lifestyle and way of life that cannot be found elsewhere in Ecuador. Through the public spaces, amenities and apartments YOO Cumbaya promotes good living in beautiful surroundings.

The concept used by both Uribe & Schwarzkopf and YOO is about contemplating and giving priority to the client’s taste. Thus, each living unit will adjust to your aesthetic preference and needs.

One, two and three bedroom condos many with a private terrace on the rooftop, premium quality finishes, balconies and wide windows ensure proper lighting and the embracement of Cumbaya’s spring lifestyle.

YOO Cumbaya stands out in the landscape of Ecuador as it offers both commercial and residential elements, enuring you benefit form the best of both worlds, eveything you could need is at your fingertips. Each area will be a fully independent construction with their own private access and defined areas, with large green areas and a river with fish running through the entire project.

This lifestyle concept involves the combination of comfort, design and functionality; developing creative and recreational areas, as well as the possibility to highlight the essence and everyday life of each resident. Thus, upon designing your condo you may choose between three signature YOO inspired by Starck styles, minimal, classic and nature. This will allow you to have a home with a style of your own.

Classic appeals to the connoisseur with an understanding and enjoyment of the finer things in life. Classic is deeply tactile and sensual, appealing to all the senses with soft leathers, dark woods and lots of mahogany. This is a sophisticated style with a strong mix of classic elements and contemporary objects.

The Nature palette is one that evokes a sense of purity and simplicity. It derives its inspiration from the deep routed desire and passion of city dwellers to bring the essence of nature into the urban environment. With colours and materials from a soft spectrum of natural hues; it is the palette of choice for those who love to live immersed in the feeling of fresh air, blue skies and soft sunrises.

The spirit of Minimal is clean and calm – a modern edge, incorporating glass, metal, concrete and neutral colours, allowing for the mind to relax, contemplate and reflect. Minimal is ideal for those who want to add their own layers and ideas. It can work as a simple base, an almost blank canvas upon which you can gradually build – adding objects that reflect your personal tastes and individual style.


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