Six (6) floors of state of the art office space with floor-to-ceiling windows, which ensure even when working at YOO Cumbaya you are surrounded by nature, bringing a little of the outside, in. Our offices include a coffee station and restrooms in each office, plus restrooms for public use in each floor.

Take a moment out of your busy day to look out the windows to relax and enjoy the view of the landscape surrounding YOO Cumbaya. Green areas on all side will ensure you are working in a peaceful environment and add an element of calm to your working day.

A 24/7 security system, including movement sensors to optimize electric consumption in common areas and a ProEco Living building technology that provides effective control and proper use of materials and waste all contribute to a better work life at YOO Cumbaya.

We are also introducing the concept of office spaces with the necessary areas for food and physical wellbeing, ensuring a true work life balance, with the facilities and services that complement and improve the life quality of those who occupy YOO Cumbaya:

  • Café/Bar
  • Business Center
  • Board Room
  • Equipped Gym
  • Green Terrace